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                           Are vets expensive???

 Vets can be very expensive and can add up really fast if emergency care is needed. Your regular vet can very depending to the type of care required. A regular vet visit can be from $60-$90 just to see the vet. Then vaccinations, medications or any other regular service  are on top of that. A spay or neuter can run you anywhere from $200-$600, also depending on the vet and the amount of pre-op testing done. (blood panel, EKG ect...)

 When it comes to emergency care, unfortunately are babies are unable to tell us exactly what is wrong with them.  So in most cases a series of test are required to narrow down what just might be wrong with them. In most cases each test can run any were from $100-$500 each and some times even more. The bill can get into the thousand  in no time at all. Not to mention if there has been an accident and emergency  surgery or hospitalization is required it can easily reach $4000 plus. And its not uncommon, I have at least 3 friends that have been in this situation in the last year. Its not uncommon for people to be faced  with a hard decision if treatment is just to costly.

 There are many different ways in keeping vet bill under control. 

  • First and most important is keeping you dog or cat healthy and strong and immune system in top working order by feeding a top quality, and nutritionally balanced diet.
  •  Keeping there weight in the ideal range for there breed.
  • Always keeping them in shape with lots of exercise
  • Always maintaining good oral health with lots of bones and chews, brushing and keeping an eye out for retained teeth or abscesses.
  • And yearly checkups. If something wrong is found early on,  its much less to treat and chances of recovery are much greater, so its worth it...
 Another must is to purchase animal health insurance Right Away. Most plans will cover all or most of emerge care. It usually also covers a portion of yearly care depending on the plan you choose. Some plans are activated the day you purchase other take 30-90 day to activate so make sure you know which plan you purchased.  I had one of my chi's less than 3 weeks when he had to spend the night in the hospital and that ran us $980. So don't wait. It might even be a good idea to have the plan ready to go the day to take home your new baby. Get it all done ahead of time. Here are just a few links to different pet insurance web sights. But there are many out there take your time and find one that works for you. Your vet might have some others for you to look into.