Samson Chihuahuas

once you go chihuahua you never go back


 long coat pups born june 15/2015

available at 10 weeks 

We are now taking applications for the waiting list for this litter. 


Show quality boy



Show Quality girl


Short and long coat pups born July13/ 2015

Big Boy

 Black white Girl


Cream White Girl

Tiny Cream Girl


* Important*

Please take the time to read through me site as all or most of your questions can be answered for you. If you are interested in a pup that is available or to be on my waiting list please fill out an application.

My pups are ready to go home between 10-12 weeks of age

As for my Puppy pricing all my pups  price is non-negotiable. Each puppy is sent home to only the best home that is pre approved by me, with a deluxe puppy pack. I spend a lot of time and money on my family. They are under vet constant vet care, blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds are done. I spare no expense when it comes to raising my pups completely Naturally.

Please check out my Adoption agreement page to see all the pups are sent home with. Shipping is available within driving distance for an extra charge, I do not fly my puppies cargo at this time . If you live were puppy needs to be flown you can fly down to get it or I can fly with it to you for the cost of the flight.

please check out the pricing page.








***references are available upon request***

 If you are interested in being on my waiting list please fill out an application. Pups are adopted to the best possible home NOT first come first serve. I do not require a deposit to be on my waiting list, once puppies arrive and you are approved a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required within 5 days to hold your pup. The deposit is non-refundable as long as I can provide you with a healthy puppy.. 




This chart is a guide to what the future weight of your Chihuahua puppy might be. There are many factors that affect the final size a Chihuahua. So remember, this chart is only used as a guide. 

Birth2.5 oz2.75 oz3 oz3.5 oz4 oz4.25 oz4.5 oz5 oz5.5 oz
1 wk3.75455.56.57899.5
2 wks55.56.579101112.513.5
3 wks67891113141617.5
4 wks789.5111315171921
5 wks891113151719.52224
6 wks91112.51517.520222427
7 wks101214.51719.52224.52730
8 wks1113161921.524272933
9 wks121517.5202326293235
10 wks131619222528313438
11 wks141721242731343742
12 wks151922263033374145
13 wks162024283236404449
14 wks172226303439434752
15 wks192328323741465156
16 wks202530343944495459
17 wks212631364146515762
18 wks222833374348546065
19 wks232934394450566267
20 wks243035414652586470
21 wks253136424854606672
22 wks253237434956626874
23 wks263338445057647076
24 wks263339455158657178
25 wks273440465259667279
26 wks273440475360677380
18 mth2 lb2.5 lb3 lb3.5 lb4 lb4.5 lb5 lb5.5 lb6 lb