Samson Chihuahuas

once you go chihuahua you never go back

                                                                        Chihuahua boarding and day care

  Here at Samson chihuahuas we do offer Chihuahua day care and boarding. Are you going on a trip and don't want your baby to be in a kennel with loud scary noises. I wouldn't ether, your baby will be part of our family  get to cuddle on the couch, play with my chi babies and my other dogs they are free to chase the cats and get all the love they would if they were at home. I have even been known to let them sleep in my bed, if that is what they are used to.

   Or if you have to be some were for the whole day and don't want you sweet baby alone all day or for just some extra socialization than they are welcome as well. The only thing I ask is that you pup is good with other dogs and is not aggressive as the safety of my dogs and babies is my #1 concern.

PRICING                                     Chi's                              My past puppies    

Daycare, no over night stay          $15.00                                   $10.00

 1 Chi  Per day                              $20.00                                    $15.00

 2 chi's  per day                            $35.00                                    $25.00

  any additional Ch's will be an extra $10.00 a day.

 You are required to bring your own food, I can feed your babies my dogs diet if you prefer for an additional $3 a day, they get a home made ground chicken,bone,veg, organ diet. I am not responsible for any vet bills acquired while under my care.. You must have a vet i can call and bring your pup to if anything were to happen. I will not take any chances with your baby if  I feel something is wrong I will try to contact you first, if not we are off to the vet. You must make arrangements with your vet for collection of payment before pups are left in my care. I will love them and care for them as they were my own during their stay.

I reserve the right to turn anyone away, if i feel your pup will not fit into our home well.